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Our Learning Plan Aug-Oct 2015

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Our Learning Plan April - June 2015 


P5/6 have been creating and recording 'raps' to remember spelling rules. Click here to listen


Wolves project

P5/6 has been very busy over the past few weeks trying to save Kinross. They were shown a top secret video that looked and sounded like Perth and Kinross Council were planning to re-introduce wolves to the area. P5/6 decided that they had to do something about it.


Q1: How did the project start?

Jane: The project started when Miss Henderson found a baby blue HP pen drive in her drawer at her home. On the pen drive there was one thing and one thing only. That one thing was a video. On this video it was basically saying that there was a meeting set for April the 3rd and at that meeting they were going to try to persuade people that it was a good plan to put wolves in Kinross. They said it was too dangerous for the people of Kinross to come in to the territory of feral wolves so they would have to evacuate Kinross. I was so shocked when I saw this video.

Fergus: I felt really scared that wolves were going to come to Kinross.

Abbi: Well, Miss Henderson found a pen drive that wasn’t hers so she plugged it in to her laptop and it said that they might be re-introducing wolves to Kinross. The guy that was talking explained that Kinross was the ideal location for the re-introduction. After the video had finished some of us were feeling quite scared about it.

Alice: I felt like it was a bit of a trick but I was a little scared at the same time. It was a real talking point in the playground and felt very serious.

Click here to listen to what Euan had to say about the start of the project.

Click here to listen to what Anya had to say about the start of the project. 


Here is the video they saw:


They then had a busy few weeks working in co-operative groups to come up with alternative ideas that would save Kinross. A councillor who was going to have a vote in the meeting came to see the class on Wednesday the 1st of April. Each group presented their findings or alternative plan to the councillor very professionally. She was hugely impressed and said that she would certainly be advising that there should be no wolves in Kinross. What a relief!


Q2: What did you (or your group) do to get ready for the presentation?

Isla: My group tried to find other areas of Scotland for the wolves to be re-introduced and find a way to present it. We chose to make a booklet and we found 3 other areas for the wolves to go.

Fergus: We made models from cardboard that showed what Kinross might look like if the council’s plan happened.

Kirsty: We made a presentation about co-habitation and that means living alongside wolves.

Click here to listen to what Ella had to say about how she got ready.


Q3: What did you think of all of the presentations?

Kirsty: I thought we put a lot of effort in to the presentations and worked so hard.

Isla: I think that the presentations were very good and they were a lot more professional than presentations we would do normally in class. I think they were very good.

Abbi: I think we worked harder than we have ever worked and we were mature and acting older than our age. We all definitely tried our best and got a lot done.

Archie: They were much more professional than normal class ones and I think that more effort was put in to them.

Click here to listen to what Ryan had to say about the presentations.


The class have since found out that this was not a real scenario and have reflected on their learning throughout it.


Q4: How do you feel now that you know it wasn’t real?

Kirsty: It was so cool that she tricked us. It was just a miracle.

Isla: I am a bit angry but it doesn’t really matter. I would have liked it if Miss Henderson didn’t tell us it wasn’t real because I felt quite proud that we had saved Kinross.

Emma: Some people kept telling me that it wasn’t really true and I kept saying that it was and now I’ll never hear the end of it.

Click here to listen to how Helen felt after finding out it was staged.